The popularity of dystopian books in both YA and adult literature is pretty remarkable. It only recently occurred to me that my latest release, Matriarchs: Eliza’s Revenge could also be considered dystopian. Why are these stories, from Hunger Games to Station Eleven (currently on my to-read list) so popular?

I think it’s because we are scared.

I think it’s because we are hopeful

Jason Heller says they are “cathartic,” but I think it’s more than that.

It’s not just a release of pressure — it’s a belief, a claim, a fist shaken at the heavens saying, “We can still do this!”

If even half of what the scientists in this article claim is true, we are headed for “epic” trouble. How do we deal with this if we believe it is – or even might be – true?

We convince ourselves that it can be overcome.

We shall overcome.