giphy.gifWorking on your own book promotion can feel like you’re a cat chasing its tail — it’s kind of fun, but is it really productive? I mean, I enjoy seeing my book posted on different sites, but since I have NO money to take it to the next step, it’s —

Hello, ME!

If you like to see your own tail too, here are some places you can do so for free:

But as those of us who have spent time chasing our tails know, readers want to see reviews from other readers before they buy and write reviews, and so you need to

Get Reviewed!

Indie Book Reviewers

Sites and Blogs — all kinds

Write YA?


Fantasy and Sci-Fi?

BUT Don’t Give Up on Traditional!

Just because you’ve self-published, doesn’t mean you have to give up on the dream of being able to WRITE and leave the tail chasing to someone else. Check out these:

I don’t vouch for any of these. I am trying them all, and I’ll post if any of them seems particularly efficacious (lovely word) — you try them and let me know!

UPDATE 8/24/16: I paid $10 (that was half price) for a listing on AmyVansant’s email for book reviews. I got 22 requests for review copies and (so far) seven reviews