As most self-published authors know, Pronoun is shutting down. Those of us who published with them are sorry to see them go, but probably few are surprised. It was always a “too good to be true” opportunity, and when Macmillan took over, most heard the death knell ringing, I’m sure.

Pronoun offered great services for free, and now the challenge is to replace them. The Alliance of Independent Authors has posted some great advice comparing various available services. But none offer a couple of options that helped me out — the ability to quickly and easily set a book for free on Amazon (get Arabella’s Gift NOW before it disappears!!!) and category suggestions specific to a particular book.

As Jim Giammateo said in the Alli piece, “…it’s sad because of the unique and beneficial things Pronoun offered to indies. When people think of the benefits of distributors, sometimes all they focus on is the monetary part, but Pronoun was so much more than that.”

There really isn’t another service like it. Consequently, I’ve been thinking about that annoying cliche of the closed door and the open window and wondering if this isn’t a cosmic signal to me to try, once again, to find a publisher. The “big guys” won’t usually look at a book that’s been self-published, but some of the smaller publishers will consider a book which has been but is not currently listed.

Having recently posted here about being proudly self-published, I feel a little hypocritical (but not enough to stop me.) It’s going to be time-consuming, whatever I do, and maybe I’ll be better now than I used to be at the whole pitching and querying and synopsizing thing. But… *sigh*… I hate that stuff.

I’ve been trying to find time to work on my wip, Froggy and Willie. I’m also teaching high school which is exhausting in itself. I don’t wanna have to do all this other work! I don’t! I don’t! I don’t!

Would any of my tens and tens of fans want to volunteer to be my agent? Please?