susan mcdonough wachtman

Boldly sends her heroines where they don't want to go

Matriarchs: Eliza’s Revenge

510ocyIC+uLFirst place in the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference Genre Novel Contest

Review: “Let me just take a moment to applaud Susan McDonough-Wachtman and her superb novel. “

Winga grew up on the matriarchal planet Gaia. She married Jakor to escape, but now that he’s dead, possibly murdered, all she can think about is going home.

Rif has always been a starship captain, and when he is told to investigate smuggling on Gaia, he is not enthusiastic. But orders are orders.

Winga and Rif are forced to team up and discover a lot more about each other and Gaia than they ever wanted to know. They must pick their way through overwhelming cultural differences, figure out what is going on and why, avoid being killed in the process, and ultimately decide what to do about their discoveries — which will inevitably bring enormous changes to the planet.

Read a parable from Gaia.

See the YouTube trailer.

“I found it quite refreshing and thought provoking. Great story for young women maybe it will start them thinking.” –Dorothy on Amazon

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