susan mcdonough wachtman

Boldly sends her heroines where they don't want to go

Arabella’s Gift

 Winner of the Los Angeles Romance Authors Best Bet for Bestseller, 2000

Review: “a very romantic story with plenty of suspense and adventure”

Ar 2She doesn’t consider herself to be a witch, but she has abilities that some believe are a gift from the devil.

Arabella is doing her best to care for Kestlemeer and its people. But when her father dies and his dying order is that she marry Alexander, Arabella rebels. She knows she can count on her special talents to help her escape. What she doesn’t anticipate are the Scots, the bandit, the dragon, and Alexander himself.

Read the first chapter.

“I really liked the strong female lead character. Part historical fiction, part fantasy with a hot love story equals a great story!” –Lorene on Goodreads

Watch the trailer on You Tube.

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